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Delivery Ninja

Are you a college student or responsible adult with a car? Would you like to make extra money working a few hours a week delivering orders for one of the coolest startups in the Providence area?

Melu is changing the way people eat. Order good wholesome food online (prepared by Nick Rabar, RI’s chef of the year), select a delivery time and your order is delivered in time for dinner. That’s where you come in.

We need fun and reliable drivers to help meet increasing customer demand. Compensation ranges from $11.80-$14.75 per hour (based on # of orders delivered). Not too shabby. Plus, you’ll get great business experience working with top local entrepreneurs.


  1. You must be in the Providence, RI area and be available in the evening between 4-8pm. We are flexible on the days but 4pm-8pm is our nightly delivery window.
  2. You must have a clean driving record. If you got a ticket going 100 this probably isn’t the gig for you.
  3. You must be super reliable. Like swiss watch style reliable.
  4. You must be fun and nice. No jerks.

If you are interested please email - and we’ll arrange a time to chat.

Oh yeah, and if you are hungry - order your dinner here -